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Provider/Instructor  Q&A’s

If students take the class online, am I going to lose my students? Vincennes University has been offering the online program in all three of the regions we serve. We have found that the online program attracts a new demographic we previously could not serve.  Some of our students come from the traditional classroom, but in most of these cases,  the online option has been a way for them to continue classes when they experience a job schedule change or a new barrier that prevents them from attending an in-person class setting.

How do I refer a student? Once you have identified a student that is interested in enrolling in the online course, you will complete an online referral form by visiting our website, iooadulted.com. After receiving and processing the form, a VU online instructor will contact the student and schedule an online orientation time with them. The online instructor will keep the referring instructor updated of the student’s progress in the program via e-mail correspondence.  Before being able to refer students, the local provider must also complete our Provider Partnership form. This form can be found under the Provider tab on our website.

The state rule is students must be enrolled before they can start distance learning.  How is that typically accomplished with the IOO Adult Ed?  IOO is an exception to this. Students may accumulate their 12 hours while participating in IOO.  You may refer a student to us that has 0 hours. We will get the direct contact hours before they are TASC ready. Registration and Orientation (2.5) TABE testing (3.5)- Sometimes more.  Weekly contact (min of .25 each week) Review and feedback of essay (1).  Review and feedback on ICE and Resume (1) Post test (2) Readiness test (normally min of 3).  Plus an 1:1 tutoring time that the student schedules with a teacher.

Who creates/reactivates student record in InTERS?  Does the partnered provider have the ability to look at student’s record in InTERS? We use the online registration form that the state released this year and we put them into InTERS for IOO. Your program would be responsible for enrolling them into your program and entering any attendance that takes place in your classroom.  Some programs create an IOO-Providers Name class in InTERS to enroll their IOO students in for easy tracking. Local Providers can see IOO students attendance in InTERS.

Can local instructors have access to the online program? The online instructor will keep the local instructor informed of the student’s progress and next steps.  Students registered in InTERS and enrolled in the online program and instructors employed by Vincennes University’s Online ABE Program will have access to the online platform.

What are the requirements for a student to enroll in the online class? Students must have access to a computer with internet and be willing to work a minimum of 6 hours a week on the program. Students must have basic computer skills. We require students to have a valid e-mail address and be able to maintain weekly contact with their online instructor.  They must register with a local provider and complete all pre-testing before being referred to the online program.

Do you require a minimum TABE score? We have had students at all levels in the online program, but students with an NRS level below a 2 in Language or Reading really struggle with the online content. Students with low Reading and Language scores normally request to be moved back to a traditional classroom or do a hybrid of both.  For that reason, we would like to see students at an NRS of 2 in Reading and Language before being referred to the online program.

How many adult learners did IOO Adult Ed serve last year? For PY 19/20, we had 260 start orientation,  133 that completed orientation and became IOO students. Of those 133, 54 became enrolled students (with at least 12 hours of direct contact). Many of these students have not met the 12  direct hours requirement yet, but are still active students. We had 6 students separate before achieving a gain. 

How many passed the HSE test? We had 16 that shows on our Table4’s for PY19/20. We had many that were also ready to test before the PY ended, but were unable to due to COVID-19    

What are the partnered providers’ responsibilities and tasks? Refer students, maintain contact at least every 90 days to keep the student enrolled in their program, and assist in scheduling and in person testing, (readiness, TASC, and TABE if needed) and connecting students with any local resources and training.  We are now able to do the TABE pre and post-testing online, as long as the student has a webcam. If not then they have to test in a classroom.                                                              

What are I.O.O. Adult Ed’s responsibilities and tasks? Orientation, registration, ICE, pre-testing ( if the student has a webcam), progress monitoring, 1:1 tutoring or individualized live lessons to help students with a skill they are struggling with, creating individualized lessons to send to students for remediation on a skill, scheduling post test, enter all data into Inters.             

How does I.O.O. Adult Ed keep adult learners engaged? We require weekly contact from the students. Teachers will reach out to the students if we see that they are struggling with a lesson or are not maintaining attendance.  Also, as part of orientation, students are asked why getting their HSE is important to them. When a student is struggling, we will remind them of why they are doing this.      

 During orientation, students are informed of our attendance policy and told that they will be revoked from the course and be required to attend an in person class before being allowed to enter the IOO course again.  The fact that they have chosen an online course makes this very motivating. Also, we keep students informed about their estimated completion time. We try to let them know where they are and how far they have left to go before being test ready.     

What is the next step after a partnered provider submits the form and receives I.O.O. Adult Ed’s welcome letter?  I.O.O. Adult Ed’s website says simply “You may start referring students” but what is the process (which brings me back to questions 3 and 4)? Providers can start filling out the student referral form that is on our website and then follow step 4.  If a student does not have a webcam, then we ask that the student is TABE tested before referral. If one slips through then we just work with the student and local provider to set up a TABE testing time, but allow them to work through orientation. They cannot start the curriculum until we have a TABE test.

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